Attention Owner-Operator Entrepreneurs Struggling With Overwhelm

Have you ever LOOKED IN THE MIRROR and thought... I don't know if I can keep working this hard if my BUSINESS ISN'T GROWING?

For the last 15 years, I have been OBSESSED with figuring out how to make masterminds that get real results - not just some one-time event that you attend, only to return home and in no time you are back to business as it was. Back in the overwhelming levels of work, constantly banging your head on the same invisible wall, and ultimately, always being blocked from that next level of success that you have worked so hard to achieve.

I'm sure you agree, its time for you to take back your success and start dialing into the exact roadblocks that are holding you back. In order to make that happen, I have hunted down the best tactics, strategies, and processes to make that a reality and put them together in to every aspect of your OWNING THE EDGE Masterminds. (These are the same used in $250,000 masterminds)

  • Three LIVE Mastermind Events
  • ONE HOUR of Preload Coaching
  • TWO HOURS of "Winning Where It Counts" Coaching
  • ONE YEAR of Direct Access To Joel (I NEVER do this!)
  • Access To Our PRIVATE Telegram Group

Are you right for one of our mastermind events, find out by applying below.

(Each group has 6-10 members and fills up fast so don't miss out on our next one.)

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